Do you have IT and IT-related jobs?  
Are you looking to grow and/or upskill your existing workforce?
We can help!

Here’s how TechBoost can help:

Provide funding to offset the cost of training newly hired workers On-the-Job Training offers new hires an opportunity to earn as they learn, while you as the employer benefit by receiving a partial wage reimbursement to offset the cost of training. You hire the individual, customize training your way, at your workplace, and invest in your workforce that secures skilled staff at a reduced rate while growing your business.
Learn more about our on-the-job training (OJT) program here!

Provide funding for training and upskilling your incumbent (existing) workforce. Incumbent worker training (IWT) is designed to improve the skills of employees while increasing company competitiveness and allowing individuals to gain industry-recognized credentials.
Learn more about our IWT program here!

Provide assistance to help employers become internship host sites, and help with direct placements of participants.

Identify training needs and create plans to train and retain skilled professionals for middle to high skilled occupations.

Provide opportunities that lead to a more diverse workforce.

Upskill your workforce today!

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